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million to $25,000 the bail so high because possibility of and since the 72-year-old has not been charged, and reduced to bail to the two explosives charges against him. related to the variety of bomb-making chemicals found in his home last week according to police. and included a container and this is what the d.a.had to say this afternoon. >> does the prosecution, investigators believe he had he had anything to do with murders? >> he's still a perfect of interest at this time. not a suspect. there is a difference. >> now, mullens is still calling ritenhouse a quote, person of interest in the murders of his wife and her friend. they were found last tuesday,
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one inside of the house, the other in the backyard. the prime suspect with two others remains valdemoro, shot and killed after a high-speed chase in richmond. and as for the ritenhouse, the d.a.would not rule out pose kbriblt that he could be charged in some way related to the two murders but at this point the d.a.told me there is still, quote a lot of investigating to do in this case. and so they say if charges are to come, this will come later, again, at last word, charles ritenhouse still in jail behind me. he has yet to post bail, but according to his attorney, that could happen any time now. live in fairfield abc 7 news. >> thank you. now, meantime a search continues in a pittsburgh landfill for frederick salas, son of one of the murder victims reported missing the same time his father's body was found in a hercules home.
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they fear there may be another victim. the search will continue through the end of the week. >> bay area religious leaders are joining forces to denounce plans by a florida pastor to burn the muslim holly book on september 11th. there are several counter protests in the works. and what if we all could read that this misguided, foolish, so off base that, we ignored him. >> too late for that. from various groups gathered in palo alto today, condemning a plan by terry jones to burn the koran in gainsville, fla on september 11th. faith leaders are urging peace and toller yens. >> i wish it hasn't happened. it's an incentive to reaffirm who we are. >> despite world wide outrage
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and pressure, the pastor with a congregation november more than 50 isn't backing down. >> as of this time, we have no intention of canceling. >> lintv broadcast the reports following the debate about the ground zero mosque in new york. >> the tone of the reports has a big question, the question is... about questioning the rise of islam phobia in the united states. >> those international reports do include statements by secretary of state clinton and general david petraeus calling the gainsville event disgraceful and dangerous to american troops. at leeflt in the united states, muslims say they're reassured by the response from the majority of americans. >> two days ago, before all of these statements surfaced, we were all very scared. and very nervous.
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it was very uncertain. >> today, there was a promise this show of solidarity would only grow, and that religious extremism shoulding denounced rad regardless of the source. >> i think that he's dividing rather than binding people together. >> one of the counter demonstrations planned here for the bay area is called a celebration of diversity of. people awful faiths encouraged to gather here at santa clara county administration building on friday, start agent 5:00. abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much. secretary of state clinton is strongly urging the pastor to reconsider the plans. >> it's regrettable a pastor in florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outragis and dits
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stressful, disgraceful plan and get, you know, the world's attention but that is the world we live in right now. >> secretary of state clinton expressed concern u.s. tourists could become victims of anti-american backlash. >> the question of whether state worker furloughs are legal went before california's supreme court today. labor groups argued the governor's order violates a collective bargaining agreement with workers guaranteeing a 40 hour work week. lawyers point out forcing lawyers to stay home is better than just laying them off. >> reducing work days by two per month, the furlough order is that furlough executive order before the court is certainly a far less of a hardship on state employees than being laid off in entirely. >> three day per month furloughs translate to a 14% pay cut, one workers say they can't afford. >> i'm a single mother two of
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kids. we don't qualify for food stamps or unemployment, working overtime, not getting paid overtime ohed, staying here until 7:00 at night. it's been very hard. >> the court has 90 days to issue a ruling. the furloughs will continue. >> the governor and a hundred business leaders leave for a six day trade mission. the goal to create jobs in california. david louie joins us from santa clara. >> well, they know that well here in santa clara. especially as china develops a growing middle class with an appetite for wine and high tech products made in california. as the governor leaves for japan and china, he could be issuing in a new era where asian companies export capital to us. it'sest hate mated 40 jobs are tied to international trade.
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>> $120 billion worth gfs every year to 220 markets world wide. >> the trade mission is anxious to boost those numbers as a twi create jobs. the governor also sees an opportunity to import money and know how to asia. >> when we have those high speed rail bid to help us boat our high speed rail, costs will come down z we'll get creative financing from them. >> the state's secretary of labor sees asian companies and capitol already creating jobs. >> 21% of the jobs in the clean tech industry are in machining. there is a number of asian companies to do their manufacturing. korean, japanese, chinese. >> and and 15 years ago, she co-founded a semi conductor company grown to 5,000
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employees she's convinced more u.s. china trade will create more local job autos people move flg china to us us and u.s. cooperate with cooperation, us us and china this is how to make it happen. >> higher labor costs are becoming less of an issue, believing the u.s. can reesh establish itself but only if there is a national commit tomt make it happen. >> we need to focus on manufacturing jobs in the united states, we have to also make a process to create new technology they can create this auto maigss and therefore, we need people to do this. >> the governor's one more idea getting to asia about promoting more money and jobs in california when he gets to china he's going to propose the pay bear -- bay area be the host of the world expo in 2020. shanghai is hosting the world
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expo right now. david louie, abc 7 money scope. >> thank you. and one suspect is under arrest following a raid on a sophisticated pot growing operation today in the east bay hills. another got away when the marijuana being grown in a remote area. and a scary afternoon for people living in two separate buildings that caught fire in oakland today. sky 7 was overhead z firefighters worked to control this fire at 60th sfleet martin luther king way. the building sustained heavy fire and smoke damage in the attic. you can see why. the fire displaced about 0 people in an apartment building that. blaze caused about 100,000s ndz damage g news is that no one was hurt. >> coming up, if you're looking for relieve as a pregnant mom from morning sickness a study puts an end to the myth of the perfect
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remedy. >> rock star rip off. a musician is offering a reward to get back his famous guitar and some other prized possessions. >> i'm spencer christian. late summer rainfall moved through the bay area today. i'll give you a view of where the wet weather is right now when i return with the accu-weather forecast. >> google's new search plans to know what you're looking for before you finish typing@ñ@ñ i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan.
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- help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. plans to build an elevated tram pass aid key hurdle today. the met poll stin transportation division helped aloe indicate $20 million to help with this controversial conductor. state and federal agencies are expected to approve additional $500 million needed to build this connector. >> thieves targ yitd the home
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of a bay area musician, now, he's offering a reward for the return two of guitars. he lives in martinez and yesterday, someone broke into his house while he's picking up his son from school. >> for me, the other stuff can be replaced by git yarz are priceless. the one guitar i wrote and recorded my first album "burn my eyes" witness 18 years ago. very, very sentimental to me. >> this other guitar given to him by the lead guitar player for pantera. >> may seem like searching for something on google is fast. guess what? it's about to get faster. shaving two, maybe up to five precious seconds off search time. leigh glaser reports on the change. >> i type one letter.
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w. i know the weather in san francisco. >> and called google instant. the latest upgrade with as little as one key stroke, one letter the search engine begins looking for what you want before you finish typing. >> this is all of the queries people have typed in. >> almost reading our minds, anticipating what we're looking for. >> i must admit sort of a phrase ways playing with want to make google the third half of the brain. >> this is just coming up in conversation the other day. i'm astounded by the rate of innovation. >> today a search takes about nine seconds to enter a query. google instant shaves about five seconds off each search. within a year the company says you'll save 350 million hours. >> i'll start typing yose.
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>> there, i ghettos sem ti. >> it could pose challenges. google ad revenue amounted to $24 billion last year. this could affect how, and where an ad is displayed. >> there is a lot of questions if the results come up instantly. will that hurt me? if user seize an ad but don't click, ad drops down and they're google -- google ranks the ad. >> it will start appearing on computers in the next few days. giving you results you want with no clicks. in san francisco, leigh glaser abc 7 news. >> a new study says interest tl is not much that can be done to help pregnant women with morning sickness. half of pregnant women experience morning sickness and vomiting. research yeshs say treatments such as antinewsa drugs appear to have only mild benefits concluding there are currently
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no treatments prufren save to release -- relieve discome dallas-fort worth. >> -- discomfort. >> it's a shame. >> wells fargo is appealing a judge's order to repay consumers millions of dollars. >> michael finney has an important update you may recall this story. a judge ordered wems fargo to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for charging unfair overdraft fees. well, today, the bank went to a april yeems court trying to overturn that ruling. prosecutors said the bank purposely raked in debit card fees by posting customers largest transactions first. and that caused many smaller checks to bounce. the bank charged up to $35 each, no matter how small the check. wells fargo says it's common to pay the biggest bills first. the case now goes to u.s. appeals court in san francisco. insurance institute for highway safety tested 72 booster seats for children. those between 4-8 and found 8
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that kit not recommend. among those seats getting not recommended rating are two from eddie bauer and three from everyflo. this shows what happens if the booster seat doesn't work as it should. the child can go flying through the vehicle. there are plenty gf seats to pick from. all have one thing in common. seat belt placement. >> the lap belt needs to fit firm lay cross the top of the thighs. you don't want it riding up on to the tummy of the child. >> the institute selected this chair as best bet. it's a harmony secure comfort deluxe. i've posted results for every booster tested. you can catch it on michael finney's consumer blog. have you ever had to go through a body scanner at the are port? do you find it offensive? many say having themselves
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scanned to the skinny in public is humiliating invasion of pry vass vaes vasy. now air, software company is coming out with technology replacing your body image with a fake one. instead of showing you, it shows an avatar marking any part of that body where it detects something suspicious on you. and this is a lot better. >> can i pick my avatar? >> michael, thank you. >> and we're waiting fr a hint of summer. looks like we're getting a hint of fog. >> wet weather is around today. measurable rainfall which is not very common this time of the year. and there is a live view in emeryville looking westward across the bay. and sort of a long column of
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reflecting sunlight on waters and bay. beautiful conditions now. let's take a look at live doppler 7 showing where moisture is. so where it isn't. we don't have much happening at this moment. some moisture lingers east of san jose and high hills section. and there is more significant area of precipitation right now. pressing around interstate 5 this was a rather fierce-looking thunderstorm moving down towards sacramento. and this is the most active weather we can find at the moment. it's not all over, yet. these are 24 hour rainfall totals for the area. la honda, 16/100ths of an inch of rain last 24 hours there, is 6/100ths in san francisco, half moon bay and mobt ray just a few hundreds of an inch. it's been well. may get more wet weather. right now, temperatures are these, 59 degrees in half moon bay. 60 in san francisco. 65 across the bay in oakland.
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there is mid to upper 60s in other locations. 71 degrees in santa rosa. sprinkles continue into the south bay. clearing tonight and gets warmer next couple days and we'll see a steady wattern into next week. our satellite shows passage of reading edge of the cooler air moving down and still have temperatures above average and some unsettled conditions. watching tonight's vemments you'll see clouds lingering over the bay area except the north bay, seeing clearing tonight. temperatures drop in spots, but clouds ring across parts of the east bay. milder temperatures and chance of more sprinkles and and cooler areas and mid to upper 40s todz, low to mid owe 50s, then, tomorrow, under improving be conditions, sunny
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skies and high temperatures into low 70s, and we'll see partly sunny skies. highs into upper 70s to about 70. upper 50s on the coast n and are around san francisco, 06 degrees will be the high. 63 degrees downtown. north bay highs will be climbing as well into mid to upper 70s and mildest locations. near east bay, highs into upper 60s over the hills into inland valleys low to mid-70s beginning to feel a little bit more summer like. near monterey bay, low 06s near the bay. low 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see really spectacular weather over the weekend. inland highs into mid-80s around the bay, mid-70s. on the coast, low 60s that will be the pattern into early part of the week. we'll have lovely weather ahead. there could be more sprinkles widely scattered tonight. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead, environmental school named after former vice president gore and toxic problem in
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which it hits. >> a car bombing 0 years ago. at 6:00 an activist survived at 6:00 an activist survived with a judge to do at 6:00. you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons.
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and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. health officials listed their advisory of the redwood shores lagoon. 50,000 gallons of raw sewage spill nootd lagoon two weeks ago. problems were compounded last week, fill spiling fuel in the water. the environmental health department retopped swimmers and boater autos and here is an ironic twist. turns out a brand new los angeles school designed to be eco friendly and co-named
5:25 pm
after climate change advocate al gore sits on a toxic bit of soil. "los angeles times" is reporting that the rachel carson al gore academy of environmental sciences was built on top of more than a dozen storage tanks from which industrial toxins are seeping. several tons of soil are haul wade over the weekend and officials dees claired the school safe. but safety watch dogs say may soil may be contaminated. >> and we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy.
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and happess comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. the yoplait you can't get enough of. now in a four pack.
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in the newsroom, in tonight at 6:00 neighborhood frustration over a failing fence and a wall that wasn't. see what the fuss was about in our news you fix it property and the damage report a and teachers aren't getting paid it and could shut down. a woman gets run around after
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a concert gets cancelled. it's a let's onthat can help you, too. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> and list dwron this. in san jose an innovative program has kids and parents walking nogt a pack, to and from school. >> they're calling it walking school bus at bagby elementary. they started it because of budget cuts. >> the police chief was there. saying this means more parents dropping off kids in cars and suvs and congestion could be frustrating. it's a reminder for people to slow down and pay attention in school zone autos this is our community. these are our kids. if we don't do something to try to create a traffic safety zones around these schools, nobody is going to do it. >> and another benefit, kids and parents get to spend more time together, and they get exercise. >> and that was the first news

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